LQ Design, NY

rock, paper, scissors
<b>custom bookshelf</b>&nbsp;<br />Tribeca
<b>courtyard</b>&nbsp;<br />Brooklyn
<b>spa</b>&nbsp;<br />Hudson Valley
<b>model apartment</b>&nbsp;<br />Carroll Gardens
<b>rooftop design</b>&nbsp;<br />West Village
<b>bathroom suite</b>&nbsp;<br />Greenwich Village
<b>greenroof</b>&nbsp;<br />Williamsburg
<b>model loft</b>&nbsp;<br />Beacon
<b>model apartment</b>&nbsp;<br />Williamsburg
<b>custom kitchen</b>&nbsp;<br />Connecticut
<b>soaking tub</b>&nbsp;<br />Park Slope
<b>spa entrance</b>&nbsp;<br />Hudson Valley
<b>pea gravel patio</b>&nbsp;<br />Connecticut
<b>living room</b>&nbsp;<br />Saddle River
<b>model apartment</b>&nbsp;<br />Brooklyn
<b>model apartment</b>&nbsp;<br />Williamsburg
<b>custom shower enclosure</b>&nbsp;<br />Connecticut
<b>nursery</b>&nbsp;<br />Park Slope
<b>cottage</b>&nbsp;<br />Garrison, NY
<b>model apartment</b>&nbsp;<br />Carroll Gardens
<b>attic guest room</b>&nbsp;<br />Connecticut
<b>lobby</b>&nbsp;<br />Brooklyn
<b>spa</b>&nbsp;<br />Hudson Valley
<b>spa entrance courtyard</b>&nbsp;<br />Hudson Valley
<b>spa terraces</b>&nbsp;<br />Hudson Valley


LQ Design 
514 Main Street 
Beacon, NY 12508

Leslie Linksman: 
(917) 363-0280

Karen Quiana: 
(917) 373-7146


About LQ Design

LQ is dedicated to great design and excellent craftsmanship. Rather than exhibit a signature style, LQ is founded on the appreciation of fundamental design principles; the individuality of each client, site and situation; and the importance of good working relationships. We love that our design practice allows us to balance creative expression with concrete, problem-solving challenges.

We draw on a wealth of experience; not only our own which we have gained through 2 decades of work in both design and construction, but also the experience of the tradespeople, artisans, architects & engineers, vendors, and clients with whom we have formed long-term working relationships. Our projects are imbued with this collaborative spirit.

We tailor our work to the particular needs of our clients, tackle both residential and commercial projects of varied scales (from the individual piece of furniture to acres and acres of landscape) and we are also committed to easing and demystifying the design and construction process.

- Leslie Linksman and Karen Quiana